Toilet and Urinal Sanitiser

The Auto Sanitiser hygiene system provides a continuous touch-free hygiene maintenance program for toilet and urinal bowls 24 hours a day.bwcsanitisersds

  • Reduces and prevents unsightly scale and stains from forming in the bowl.
  • Actively attacks hard water and mineral deposits.
  • Rapidly kills bacteria in and around the bowl where regular cleaning cannot reach, preventing spread of infection.
  • Improves the cleaning effect of each flush and freshens the flush water by adding a fragrance.
  • Remains in the bowl and is active between flushes.
  • The most effective system for cleaning toilets and urinal surfaces and wherever water goes.
  • Sanitizing formulations stop germs breeding.
  • Touch-free operation reduces the risk of cross infection.
  • Eliminates odours at source and helps to maintain an odour-free environment.
  • Each dispenser is delivered pre-programmed to operate on the 24 hours cycle. The dispensing setting can be changed using a real-time clock to program the days and frequency of dispensing.
  • Operates with 2 D-cell alkaline batteries.


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