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Air Care

Advanced aniti-microbial aircare solutions incorporating fragrance and odour eliminating technologies.


The first thing you notice when entering a washroom is a bad smell. A fresh smelling washroom reflects well on your business. Cannon Hygiene supply and service the latest fragrance delivery technology in a range of attractive dispensers ensuring malodours are eliminated and a subtle pleasing fragrance is delivered for all users. You only get one chance to make a first impression. See how Cannon Hygiene can provide the products and services to give you the best first impression.

  • Continuous odour control 24 hours a day creating a pleasant washroom environment. 
  • Natural air flow in the washroom distributes the fragrance throughout the room.
  • Less waste - made from natural fragrance oils and no batteries. 
  • Innovative - uses revolutionary fuel cell technology. 
  • Environmentally friendly - operating without the use of batteries, the high quality fragrance is accurately dispensed without the use of propellants or added Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and the components of the refill are completely recyclable.
  • Highest quality essential oils and Microtrans, a proprietary true odour neutralizer.
  • Recommended in areas of up to 170m³ and positioned 180cm from the floor and doorways. 
  • Automatic, touch free, technologically advanced aerosol unit. 
  • Contemporary, compact and discreet to match any décor. 
  • Delivers a pleasant fragrance whenever its built in sensor detects air movement.
  • Pre-programmed to operate on the 24hrs, 30 day refill cycle. 
  • Dispensing setting can be changed using a real time clock to programme the days and frequency of dispensing.
  • Runs on 2 C-cell alkaline batteries.