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Activap™ reduces the levels of bacteria in the waste by 99.999% and unlike other germicides, it's as effective at the end of the service cycle as it is at the start.


Cannon Hygiene has always used the most technically advanced sanitizing treatments available and in line with the company’s continuous commitment to the environment it has introduced the natural Activap™ germicide, which we use within our sanitary and nappy disposal units.

Activap™ is certified against all forms of micro-organisms including HIV and Hepatitis B and C, which gives you peace of mind and complete protection from cross infection. Activap™ sheets are natural and 100% biodegradable. Independent tests show the product remains fully active delivering unequalled odour control performance for over two months.

This environmentally friendly germicide has the same efficiency as harsh chemicals, but is completely safe to the macro-environment. Activap™ is exclusive to Cannon Hygiene for use in sanitary and medical waste disposal units and is not available from any other source. The Activap™ sanitizing system guarantees our customers complete satisfaction and peace of mind.



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